The negative consequences of the consumption of animal products are numerous and diverse.
- Pollution of the environment: factory farming alone causes more greenhouse gases than global traffic, not to mention the enormous waste in water and the over-saturation of the soil and groundwater with fertilizers, pesticides and medicines;
- Dependence and hunger in the countries of the so-called Third World where, in conditions that are extremely bad for the environment, animal feed is farmed for the animals we eat.
- Waste of resources: in feeding livestock, unimaginable quantities of plant-based foods are wasted (which humans in turn could eat themselves); one person dies every three seconds of hunger.
- Health aspects: doctors and nutrition experts have long recognised that a plant-based diet is not only suitable for all phases of life but can also help to prevent the many “diseases of modern society” such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, allergies and many more (see e.g.
and of course
- The unspeakable suffering and unnecessary death of millions of “farm animals”, not only within the realm of factory farming.

Just as numerous, however, and motivated by just as diverse reasons and equipped with just as many creative ideas are the people who are no longer prepared to tolerate this and who stand up for the rights of animals.

We call on all these people to take part in the Veggie-Parade with us. In this way, we can show those who exploit animals, people and the planet as well as those who, through their buying habits, still continue to thoughtlessly participate in this exploitation just how many people are already against this. But we can also learn from each other and point out new ways to those who are interested.

Only together can we be successful in the fight for the natural right of animals to freedom! Let’s demonstrate together for a better world!